Together we can shape a better strata world

ConecMe is an inclusive system designed to assist a strata committee to run their strata company


ConecMe in detail

A Virtual Office

Flow diagrams and processes to run your strata business • Current working documents to organise strata business • 10 year maintenance plan tool 

Communications Hub

Access current information about your complex • Get connected for social events • Trade within the community • Share skills and services.

Strata Library

Link directly to knowledge and information about strata • Access publications and videos that streamline understanding strata 

Online Tutorials

Maintaining Strata Company Assets • Strata Company Financial Planning • Strata Company Governance Administration

Maintenance Centre

Review your forward maintenance plan • Checkout your building report • Have a look at your strata plan • Renovate your apartment 

Online Applications

Templates & tools to run your strata company • Useful forms & guides to make life easier for strata residents

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