About Us

Before we talk about us, let’s talk about you.

Our goal is simple. If you:

  • sit on a Strata Committee;
  • own a Strata property; or
  • are living in a Strata property;

we’re here to make your life easier



By bringing everything we know about strata into one handy location.

Hi! We’re Maree Breen and Rob Isaacs.

  • Rob has 40 years' experience in building engineering
  • Maree has 25 years' experience in project management and problem-solving
After purchasing two investment properties in 2013 we made a beeline for the strata committee where we quickly got involved:
  • Creating 10-year maintenance plans
  • Preparing Building Condition Reports
  • Undertaking Defects Inspection Reports
  • Solving complex building issues
  • Formulating a plan to switch to LED lights and saving $8000
  • Commissioning and project-managing a $300,000 painting job
  • Doing an energy audit and designing a solar solution that created an annual saving of $20,000

It was only after being involved with all these works that we discovered something unexpected. As members of a strata committee we were running the equivalent of a private company!

Strata in 2020 is big business turning over large annual budgets whilst managing multi-million dollar assets. We would like to see strata grow into the business it has become. This website begins that journey.



Rob came on board as our Building Manager 7 years ago, the swimming pool deck had been under repair for 12 months, we had raised part of a special levy to replace all of the tiles in the common area and apart from that our strata company was broke and we did not know how move forward.

Seven years later we have not had a levy increase, Rob looked at the common area tiles and his solution was not to replace them all but to do a $35,000 dollar fix rather than a $250,000 replacement. He created a 10-year maintenance plan and assisted us to create a savings plan to cover those costs and we have never looked back.

We learnt that running a strata company with a $450,000 turnover and was valued at $35M required expertise that our strata committee just didn’t have.

- Treasurer
West Perth Residential Tower

I manage a building in the inner city of Perth that has leaked since it was built, it is only 10 years old. Hundreds of thousands of dollars has been spent fixing the wrong problem until we got lucky and was introduced to Rob from Solutions for Strata.

Rob’s diagnostic skills we could tell were different from the start, the relationship has endured and 85% of our leaky problems have been fixed in the 5 years he has worked with us for a lot less than we ever paid in the past.

Fixing the right problem, the first time is so important but very difficult in the maze of a high-rise building

I know we will get to 100%

- The Building Manager
Inner City Perth residential and commercial tower

Rob came on board as our building manager 4 years ago, we are an old bunch at our complex and Rob has provided us with the security that our buildings and equipment are not only maintained but through his diligent care are increasing in value.

He has had to manoeuvre through a minefield of personalities, and he has done so with the elegance of a ballet dancer.

I can’t imagine being on the strata committee without Rob and his expertise

- The Chairperson

If you’re unsure about your rights and responsibilities as a committee member, strata owner or tenant it’s time for you to explore this site! Choose the option below that most applies to you:

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