Why does a Strata Company feel so difficult to run?

To identify the players in a strata company we compared the structure of a strata company with that of a private company and we found some similarities and we found a couple of roles missing in strata.

Strata and our life

Rob and I live, work, play and invest in strata and we see it from every angle. At various times we have sat on three strata committees, we run a consulting business that advises strata company's about building defects and asset management Rob prepares 10 forward maintenance plans and generally solves problems for strata managers and strata committees. We know strata is difficult to run because we live it every day.

The two roles we think are missing

Within the structure of a strata company the role of CEO or CFO is generally not undertaken by anyone so strata companies generally lack leadership, vision, strategic thinking and financial expertise.

Strata today deals in millions of dollars, when you run your strata company astutely your levies can become an investment rather than a cost whether your strata company is worth $0.5M or $55M


Board of Directors

  • Chairperson
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Board Members

Strata Committee

  • Chairperson
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Committee Members
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)  
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)  
Board members paid Committee members unpaid
Middle Management Strata Manager
Employees Consultants, Service providers and Suppliers
Management processes - Usually Management processes - usually not
Auditors - mandatory Auditors - optional

How do we get this expertise into our strata comapnies?

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