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Meet Martin

Martin lives in an apartment and is on the Strata committee for that property. If you too are on a Strata committee, you might recognise a few of the problems Martin is facing.


Hi Councillors, have you ever wondered what your role actually is? I did, when I found myself on two strata committees managing a combined yearly budget of $950,000 and strata company assets worth $85 M. It became pretty clear, as committee members we are responsible for running a serious business - with a bucket load of money involved.

I was familiar with running a private company and had heard in various strata training sessions how strata companies are similar to private companies so I set about unpacking strata to see how the similarities played out.

I began with an overview and identified five high level elements of a strata company that I believe are important to understand.

I then set about identifying how to best manage these elements, but first I needed to better understand how a strata company works. The diagrams below reflect my interpretation. They are discussed in more detail in the Strata Portal. 

Well run strata companies have a vision for their strata company, have long-term goals that ensure the value of their assets increase, make smart decisions about how to spend strata funds whilst keeping strata levies stable and predictable.

There are two ways Solutions for Strata can help you run your strata better:

Private Consulting

The Strata Portal

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